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The Sullivan County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals assists
the animals of Sullivan County by improving their welfare, furthering their
interests and nurturing the human bond through education and innovative
community programs and services.

The Sullivan County SPCA is committed to:

  • Providing temporary shelter to homeless animals and to those in need
    of relief from neglect or cruelty

  • Promoting and supporting positions and laws that have a positive
    impact on the quality of life of animals

  • Finding quality forever homes for adoptable animals through proper
    screening of potential adopters

  • Reuniting owners with their lost pets

  • Educating the public regarding responsible pet ownership and respect
    for animal life

  • Reducing overpopulation of animals through the promotion of spaying/
    neutering and education

  • Providing basic medical care for animals in need, extreme care when
    appropriate, preventive care and health screening

  • Alleviating cruelty through stronger ordinances, investigations,  
    prosecutions and education

Making Sullivan County a better place for people and their pets
encompasses much more than a focus on the animals that come through our
doors.  We believe we have an equal responsibility to those that can’t make
it here on their own; to those who can’t speak for themselves or report their
owners, and we work to ensure that all area pets have safe comfortable
living conditions.

The Sullivan County SPCA is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c) shelter
that is not affiliated with or receives funding from the SPCA International,
ASPCA, other regional animal welfare organizations or governments.
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PO Box 995 - Rock Hill, NY 12775 - (845) 796-3120

Let's face it, a visit to an animal shelter can be hard on the heart of any
animal lover. It is a painful reminder that there are homeless, hurt, and
abandoned animals in the world. But we encourage you to visit us, and to
see that an animal shelter is also a place of hope! When looking at an
animal, think of its story, and realize that many of them are here because
they have been saved from an unhappy or unsafe situation. To them, the
shelter has become a temporary sanctuary, where they can feel safety,
warmth, and protection. But what they really get here is the hope for a real
home! So please visit...the animals will thank you!     
Sullivan County
PO Box 995
Rock Hill, NY
(845) 796-3120

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